Advanced pelvis course  

This two day practical workshop is an advanced course for clinicians (physical therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, medical practitioners, athletic trainers) who have completed the pelvis course. 

On completion of this course, participants should:

  • Have a clear understanding of why it is necessary to identify pelvis dysfunction and failed pelvis load transfer pathways
  • Have a clear understanding of pain elimination versus pain provocation tests and when to use one or the other
  • Using a wide range of testing procedures, be able to determine when optimal load pathways through an area of the body are “unavailable” by identifying maladaptive movement patterns/failed or suboptimal load transfer/pelvic dysfunction 
  • Be able to determine when lack of power or lack of movement/flexibility is related to failed load transfer and/or due to “weakness” or “tightness”
  • Be able to integrate pelvis MWM techniques into advanced functional exercise 
  • Be able to perform new MWM techniques for the lumbar spine and hip regions to complement the pelvis MWM interventions
  • Have an advanced understanding of pregnancy and post-pregnancy-related issues and how to address them using a variety of strategies, including pelvis MWMs
  • Have an advanced level of clinical reasoning to effectively prioritize and progress active exercise treatment for pelvic dysfunction and pelvic girdle pain
  • Be able to immediately and effectively prescribe, teach and progress a wide range of new and modified exercises based on “no fail/no compensation/no pain” principles
  • Be able to assess and effectively report the effectiveness of this type of intervention 
  • Be able to prepare patients to effectively and safely undertake or resume conventional forms of exercise
  • Be able to integrate the new information, assessment procedures and exercises into a full biopsychosocial clinical context